The James Short and William Millar families donated the land establishing what became the Harrison Township Cemetery in South Bloomfield.  These families were among the early settlers who arrived in 1798 and 1799. Sarah Holmes (1799-1801), daughter of Jonathan and Rachel Holmes, and granddaughter of James Short, was the first burial in October, 1801.

Harrison Township Cemetery 5501 S. Union Street, Ashville, Ohio 43103

Located off St Rte 23 south of SR 316 in the Village of South Bloomfield

John Horsley, Sexton 740-983-3601 Contact for purchase of cemetery plots and burials

Kevin Hulse, Harrison Township 740-­207­-5807 Contact for immediate assistance

Shawn Rawlins 740-­285-1356 or Spencer Cheek 740-983­-6414 Contact for monument foundations or military markers


As of April 5, 2016 the new fees for the Harrison Township Cemetery are as follows:  

 CEMETERY FEES  Resident* of Harrison Township   Non-Resident
 Cemetery Plot  $600.00  $850.00
 Fee for a Duplicate Deed   $30.00  $30.00
 Fee for Transfer of Deed    $30.00  $30.00
 No Sunday or Holiday Burials
 Any funeral not completed by 3:30pm  $100.00 Additional Charge  $100.00
 Standard Burial:    
 Monday-Friday before 2pm  $450.00  $650.00
 Monday-Friday after 2pm  $550.00  $750.00
 Saturday before 2pm  $550.00  $750.00
 Saturday after 2pm  $650.00  $850.00
 Infant Burial:    
 Monday-Friday before 2pm  $250.00  $400.00
 Monday-Friday after 2pm  $350.00  $500.00
 Saturday before 2pm  $350.00  $500.00
 Cremation Burial No Vault:    
 Monday-Friday before 2pm  $100.00  $250.00
 Monday-Friday after 2pm  $200.00  $350.00
 Saturday before 2pm  $200.00  $350.00
 Cremation Burial With Vault:    
 Monday-Friday before 2pm  $250.00  $400.00
 Monday-Friday after 2pm  $350.00  $500.00
 Saturday before 2pm  $350.00  $500.00
 Burial Disinterment  $1500.00  $1500.00
 Cremation Disinterment  $750.00  $750.00

*”Resident” applies to the purchaser of the gravesite and/or burial.   Cemetery Rules and Regulations (Click to download PDF)

Cemetery lot and opening/closing fees will be waived for any Harrison Township resident who is serving as active duty military, firefighter, or law enforcement when killed in the line of duty.  This waiver will also apply to a non-resident firefighter when killed in the line of duty while working for Harrison Township Fire Department.